Streamlined management for your vehicle fleet

saving you both time and money.

Streamlined management for your vehicle fleet

saving you both time and money.

Reap all the benefits of a cloud-based software.
Save both time and money in managing your vehicle fleet.

Vehicle lifecycle management.

Track purchase, sale data, status, incurred expenses, and departmental transitions effortlessly.

All fleet documents, one spot, always accessible.

Access to All Vehicle Information: Policies, Insurance, Infractions, Registration...

Reduce Workshop Expenses

Maintenance and Repairs Management  Detailed Workshop Information. Workshop Expenses and Revision History

Expense Control

Vehicle Refueling Record and Monitoring: Price, Liters, Kilometers...


Reduce Accidents and Provide Greater Driver Safety .


Drivers can Include Accident Data: Photos, Accident Reports, etc.

Alerts and Notifications

Prevent fines by planning your vehicle inspections (ITVs) in advance. Stay worry-free and receive email notifications
Get notifications for mileage, upcoming workshop appointments, and more...


Make the most informed decisions with insights from your fleet: Purchase and sale data, budgets, workshop invoices, and fuel refueling records.

Inspection Checklist

Save time for your drivers and create inspection checklists. Set up inspections like Pre-ITV, cleaning checks, tire inspections, etc.

Unlock Savings with FleetFolder:

  • Anticipate potential breakdowns due to lack of maintenance.
  • Save on workshop expenses: mileage alerts for oil changes, tires, etc.
  • Preventing warranty voiding and the associated costs.
  • Preventing warranty loss and associated costs.”
  • Increase employee productivity by reducing the time spent on fleet control and optimization.

Mobile App

Your fleet in your hands: Vehicle inspection checklist, incident reports, fueling, and accident records.

Access to your fleet vehicles.

Access to essential information about your fleet vehicles.

Registro de conductor

Quedará registrado el tiempo y el vehículo destinado al conductor.


Drivers can include fuel receipts, mileage, price, etc.

Plus mobile device

Operators can perform customized inspections such as tune-ups, cleaning, pre-ITV, etc.


Centralize incident communication by attaching all necessary photos.

Report accident

Drivers can input accident details: photos, accident report, etc.

Control of your vehicle fleet

You’ll have complete control of your entire vehicle fleet All your needs in one place. From any device, anywhere.